I am continually searching for that product that will help smooth and condition my hair. I had heard Argan Oil was good for dry, dull hair. It would smooth hair and add shine without being oily. However, most of the hair products with Argan Oil also contain silicone, which can damage hair. I wanted to get away from silicone products so I tracked down a local (Berkeley, CA) supplier of cold processed Argan Kernel Oil, Lhasa Karnak: http://www.herb-inc.com/products.html, and have now been using the oil for several months. It was $14 for a 30 ml bottle and since it only takes a few drops I still have about two-thirds of the bottle left.  I found that not only is Argan Kernel Oil great for my hair, but it works on chapped lips, dry hands, and on dry areas of my face. The key to remember is to only use a couple of drops, especially if you get acne, you can always add more if needed. For hair, rub a few drops in your hands and then apply to damp or dry hair, either just on the ends or all over if your hair is very dry. It seems to help protect the hair from the heat of the hair dryer, as well as smooth the hair. I’m happy with this simple, pure product and love that it doesn’t make my skin or hair feel oily.