For Those That Hate To Dust… Sunday, Jul 18 2010 

Try the Swiffer Duster: it’s small and fluffy and grabs all of those annoying dust particles so they don’t spread through the room as you clean. It makes dusting almost fun. The draw back to the Swiffer Duster is that it uses disposable dust cloths. However, for all of you crafty people I found a site that shows you how to make reusable dust cloths for the Swiffer – If only someone would mass-produce them:


Get Your Gleam On Monday, Jul 5 2010 

There is nothing like having stainless kitchen appliances with fingerprints and grime marks on them.  What everyone needs, besides the house cleaner, is Bar keepers Friend. It’s a relatively inexpensive product that really works and is safe for food preparation and food storage areas. I found it at Target for less than two dollars for a 12oz can. Bar Keepers Friend was popular in Saloons back in the late 1800s to keep brass fixtures gleaming. It’s also great for cleaning stainless, chrome, tile, grout and porcelain. Use as directed.

Love These Dog Treats Thursday, Jul 1 2010 

I found a great dog treat at Trader Joe’s. I hope they don’t end up discontinuing it. They are Trader Joe’s Organic Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Sticks. A long name for these semi-soft treats. I use them to stuff the Kong Bone and I also break them into small bits for training. They break easily and don’t crumble. For the Kong Bone, I take two sticks, break each stick in half, then I put two halves together and stuff the ends.

The Best Dog Toy Ever! Thursday, Jul 1 2010 

If you have a puppy or a new dog you should have at least one Kong. They come in various sizes and shapes and the ones that you can stuff with treats or the dogs meal are great. I use the bone shaped one for my dog when I leave her alone for long periods of time. I take some treats and stuff the treats in the ends of the bone; then I toss her the bone and she spends the next several minutes to hour (depending on how well I stuffed the toy) getting the treats out. This rewards the dog for chewing the toy instead of my shoes, and the dog is mentally stimulated which helps cut down on boredom and negative behavior. Plus my pup isn’t focussed on me leaving, she is focussed on the treats.

Erase Away The Grime Friday, Jun 25 2010 

A friend gave me a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser a while ago and I never got around to trying it, until now. They are great! I have been looking at this black scuffmark on my white washing machine for several weeks. I had tried several cleaners and none worked. Today I tried the Magic Eraser and in just a few strokes the mark was gone.  It is great for walls, baseboards, switch plates and much, much more. I highly recommend Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Please use as directed.

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