DIY Ornaments Sunday, Nov 30 2014 

DIY Ornaments /
Here is an easy, fun craft that you can do with your kids — Snow Ornaments with miniature figures. They will look great on your Christmas tree or lined up on your mantle, and they make great gifts.

Here is what you need to make these cute little ornaments: Supplies /

Clear glass ornaments (available at craft stores)

Perlite (available at garden stores)

Small animals or figures (available at toy stores and/or craft stores)

Rubber bumpers (available at hardware stores)

Tweezers and/or chopsticks

Small soft brush on a wire (available at most drugstores in the cleaning isle)

Funnel or cardboard


bayareaassistant.comTake the ornament and add 4 bumpers to the bottom of the glass so the ornament will stand upright.

bayareaassistant.comNext, remove the top of the ornament and add the Perlite about 1/3 of the way up the ornament. Use a funnel or some cardboard to pour the Perlite in the ornament.

making the horse ornament / bayareaassistant.comNow place your desired figure or small animal in the ornament. Once you get the figure in, use the tweezers or the chopsticks to position your figure. Once the figure is positioned, slightly tap the ornament to make sure the figure is stable. Once the figure is stable use your brush on the wire to clean off the dust from the inside of the ornament. If the figure falls over just reposition it.

German Shepherd Ornament / bayareaassistant.comPlace the top back on the ornament. Once the top is back on, you can add a ribbon to the top if you desire.


Love These Dog Treats Thursday, Jul 1 2010 

I found a great dog treat at Trader Joe’s. I hope they don’t end up discontinuing it. They are Trader Joe’s Organic Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Sticks. A long name for these semi-soft treats. I use them to stuff the Kong Bone and I also break them into small bits for training. They break easily and don’t crumble. For the Kong Bone, I take two sticks, break each stick in half, then I put two halves together and stuff the ends.

The Best Dog Toy Ever! Thursday, Jul 1 2010 

If you have a puppy or a new dog you should have at least one Kong. They come in various sizes and shapes and the ones that you can stuff with treats or the dogs meal are great. I use the bone shaped one for my dog when I leave her alone for long periods of time. I take some treats and stuff the treats in the ends of the bone; then I toss her the bone and she spends the next several minutes to hour (depending on how well I stuffed the toy) getting the treats out. This rewards the dog for chewing the toy instead of my shoes, and the dog is mentally stimulated which helps cut down on boredom and negative behavior. Plus my pup isn’t focussed on me leaving, she is focussed on the treats.

My New Friend Thursday, Jul 1 2010 

I recently adopted an adult dog from the Marin Humane Society. She has turned out to be the best little dog. She came with basic manners and is house broken. After only having her for two days, I had to leave her alone for 9 hours while I went to work. When I returned home, she and my house were fine.

One trick I do is to take a Kong bone and stuff it with treats when I leave for long periods of time. This helps distract the dog and keep them entertained for a bit. See my Tips on ‘Products’ for the Kong toy and treats I use.

To find your own rescue pet please see my helpful list under Pet Adoption.

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