DIY Ornaments Sunday, Nov 30 2014 

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Here is an easy, fun craft that you can do with your kids — Snow Ornaments with miniature figures. They will look great on your Christmas tree or lined up on your mantle, and they make great gifts.

Here is what you need to make these cute little ornaments: Supplies /

Clear glass ornaments (available at craft stores)

Perlite (available at garden stores)

Small animals or figures (available at toy stores and/or craft stores)

Rubber bumpers (available at hardware stores)

Tweezers and/or chopsticks

Small soft brush on a wire (available at most drugstores in the cleaning isle)

Funnel or cardboard


bayareaassistant.comTake the ornament and add 4 bumpers to the bottom of the glass so the ornament will stand upright.

bayareaassistant.comNext, remove the top of the ornament and add the Perlite about 1/3 of the way up the ornament. Use a funnel or some cardboard to pour the Perlite in the ornament.

making the horse ornament / bayareaassistant.comNow place your desired figure or small animal in the ornament. Once you get the figure in, use the tweezers or the chopsticks to position your figure. Once the figure is positioned, slightly tap the ornament to make sure the figure is stable. Once the figure is stable use your brush on the wire to clean off the dust from the inside of the ornament. If the figure falls over just reposition it.

German Shepherd Ornament / bayareaassistant.comPlace the top back on the ornament. Once the top is back on, you can add a ribbon to the top if you desire.


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Keeping it Together Thursday, Nov 3 2011 

Living in a small house has taught me how to maximize my space. Some of the ways to get the most out of your space and keep things organized are:

Find multi-purpose furniture. I like pieces with lots of storage. Living in a house with small closets and small rooms means I have to find furniture that will accommodate a lot of items, yet won’t over power the room. I use the media stand as a media stand and as a dresser.

Use clear containers and mesh drawer organizers to get the most out of your drawer space, and so you can see what you have.

Clear containers work great in a pantry as well, and if you label and date the containers it will help you to keep your pantry items fresh.

In visible areas where you want things to look stylish and organized try using baskets. You can find various sizes and styles to work with most items.

Inspiration Tuesday, Oct 11 2011 

The internet is full of inspiration and sometimes it’s easy to miss the good stuff. Here are some design and fashion blogs that have inspired me:

These are just a few of the many inspiring blogs out there. Go find your inspiration!

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