Keep it Covered Wednesday, Nov 28 2012 

I found this by accident when I was in the Crate and Barrel Outlet store a few weeks ago. It was only $1.50 — a great value. I use this microwave cover all the time.  How did I live without it? It saves on plastic wrap that always stuck to the food and it saves on microwave clean up. Every office and home should have a few of these covers.  Office microwaves get a lot of use, and unfortunately not much in the way of clean up. If you have an office microwave you know what I’m talking about. The microwave cover is vented to let steam out, yet protects against splatters, and it is dishwasher safe. You can find it here.


Plant a Pothole via Houzz.Com Sunday, Jul 8 2012 

ReUse / ReCycle in the Garden via Houzz.Com Monday, Jun 25 2012 

Where To Shop Sunday, Jul 11 2010 


  1. Alameda Natural Grocery – Alameda, CA
  2. Arizmendi Bakery (great breads, pizza) – various locations
  3. Berkeley Bowl Marketplace – Berkeley, CA
  4. Bi-Rite Market – San Francisco, CA
  5. Bryan’s Quality Meats – San Francisco, CA
  6. 4505 Meats — San Francisco, CA
  7. Cheeseboard Collective (great cheese, bread & pizza) – Berkeley, CA
  8. Beauty’s Bagel Shop — Oakland, CA
  9. Diablo Foods — 3615 Mt Diablo Blvd., Lafayette, CA 925-283-0737
  10. Haight Street Market – San Francisco, CA Haight Street Market
  11. Hapuku Fish Shop – Oakland, CA Hapuku Fish Shop
  12. Mill Valley Market, 12 Corte Madera Ave., Mill Valley, CA. 415-388-3222
  13. Monterey Fish Market – Berkeley, CA
  14. Monterey Market (great for produce) – Berkeley, CA
  15. Paradise Foods – Corte Madera, CA
  16. Real Food Company (delivery available) – San Francisco, CA
  17. Woodlands Market – Kentfield, CA Woodlands Market
  18. Western Boat & Tackle for fresh seafood – San Rafael, CA

HAVE IT DELIVERED — when you can’t get to the farmers market

  1. Eat Well Farm
  2. Eat With The Season
  3. Farm Fresh To You
  4. Organic Grocery Delivery
  5. Tera Firma Farm


East Bay, CA

  1. Alameda Farmers Market
  2. Berkeley Farmers Market
  3. El Cerrito Plaza Farmers Market
  4. Grand Lake – Oakland Farmer’s Market
  5. Jack London Square Farmers Market – Oakland https://www.fa
  6. Kensington Farmers Market
  7. Lafayette Farmers Market
  8. Montclair Village Farmers Market – Oakland
  9. Old Oakland Farmers Market
  10. Orinda Farmers Market
  11. Temescal Farmers Market – Oakland
  12. Walnut Creek Farmers Market

Daly City Farmers Market

Marin, CA

  1. Marin Farmers Market a) Farmer’s Market  b)
  2. Marinwood Community Farmers Market
  3. San Rafael Farmers Market

San Francisco, CA

  1. Alemany Farmers Market
  2. Castro Farmers Market
  3. Crocker Galleria
  4. Divisadero Farmers Market
  5. Ferry Plaza Farmers Market
  6. Fillmore Farmers Market
  7. Fort Mason Center
  8. Heart of The City Farmers Market
  9. Inner Sunset Farmers Market
  10. Stonestown Farmers Market

Taking Out The Trash Part Two Monday, Jun 28 2010 

You find you still have old electronics, old building materials and hazardous waste to dispose of. What do you do with it? Try these options:

  1. EWaste Collective, TV, VCR and Small Appliance Recycling [Website]
  2. Alameda County Waste Reduction & Recycling [Website]
  3. Appliance Recycling – PG&E [Website]
  4. Contra Costa County Waste Reduction & Recycling [Website]
  5. El Cerrito Recycling Center [Website]
  6. Contra Costa Electronics Recycling [Website]
  7. Marin Recycling Center & Recycling Directory [Website]
  8. Ohmega Salvage, Berkeley: Buy & Sell Architectural Salvage [Website]
  9. Urban Ore, Berkeley: Buy & Sell Used Building Materials [Website]
  10. The Away Station, Fairfax: Donate & Purchase BuildingMaterials & More [Website]
  11. San Francisco Computer Recycling Center [Website]
  12. San Francisco & South Bay Computer, Electronic Recycling, Paper Shredding & Data Destruction Services [Website]
  13. San Francisco Household Hazardous & E-Waste Facility [Website]
  14. Habitat for Humanity ReStore: building material, appliances, furniture [Website]

Taking Out The Trash Part One Friday, Jun 25 2010 

You’ve sorted, cleaned and organized and now you are left with a pile of clothes, small appliances and furniture that you no longer want. What do you do with it? There are several options, please follow the guidelines at the various places as to what they will and will not accept. Here are a few options to get you started:

  1. The Salvation Army will pick-up items or you can find a drop off location near you: [Website]
  2. Donate clothing, small appliances & furniture: [Website]
  3. Donate Business clothes: [Website]
  4. Donate prom dresses: [Website]
  5. Donate coats & warm jackets: [Website]
  6. Donate bicycles in San Francisco: [Website]
  7. Donate bicycles in Marin: The Re-Cyclery, San Rafael, San Rafael, CA, 415-458-2986
  8. Donate cell phones: Green Festival 415-255-9319; Marin Abused Women’s Service (MAWS) 415.457.2464; Oakland Zoo 510-632-9525 x124
  9. Donate blankets & towels to animal shelters and rescue organizations. See the Tips on ‘Pets’ & ‘Pet Adoption’ for the links for the various shelters
  10. Post on Craigslist Free Stuff Category [Website]
  11. Post on Freecycle: a place to match your old stuff with people [Website]
  12. Donate art supplies, textiles, teaching materials, etc. to SCRAP, San Francisco [Website]
  13. Donate art supplies, textiles, teaching materials, etc. to East Bay Depot, Oakland [Website]
  14. Donate text books [Website]

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